At the time of leaving our kennel, all puppies are healthy, well grown, always are vaccinated, have a suitable puppy card brand, accustomed to a professional dry feed. Each puppy is provided with the necessary documents, ie metric puppy and a veterinary certificate. Puppy Reservation Pre-reserve - means that the puppy is temporarily not for sale (5 days) until the potential buyer confirms or cancels the reserve. It is not paid, but is canceled if the agreed period of 5 days is exceeded or in case of buyer refusal. Reserving a puppy - means removing the puppy from sale. A deposit of at least 30% of the total price is paid. A deposit made for a specific puppy is grounds for refusal to other customers The puppy is raised in the kennel before the date agreed with the buyer, and after full payment moves to a new house If the buyer refuses the purchase, the deposit is not refunded If the buyer has circumstances that do not allow him to pick up the puppy on time, he must inform the breeder about it. The puppy stays with the breeder for overexposure. The cost of overexposure is negotiated. The reserve is returned if the puppy has pedigree flaws at the time of sending - malocclusion, cryptorchidism (in males).




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